State Commissions

Corporation for National and Community Service – To develop a State plan; to assist States in the application process; and to provide oversight of funded AmeriCorps programs within each State. The funds enable States to form a 15 to 25 member, indepe… . . . → Read More: State Commissions

Rural Housing and Economic Development

Office Of Community Planning And Development – To build capacity at the State and local level for rural housing and economic development and to support innovative housing and economic development activities in rural areas…. . . . → Read More: Rural Housing and Economic Development

Health Disparities in Minority Health

Office of the Secretary – To support the elimination of health disparities among racial and ethnic populations through local small-scaled projects which address a demonstrated health problem or health issue…. . . . → Read More: Health Disparities in Minority Health

Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act

Bureau of Reclamation – To provide financial assistance, through grants or cooperative agreements, to public or private organizations for the improvement of fish and wildlife habitats associated with water systems or water supplies affected by Burea… . . . → Read More: Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act


Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) – To facilitate the deployment of train control technologies, train control component technologies, processor-based technologies, electronically controlled pneumatic brakes, rail integrity inspection systems, ra… . . . → Read More: RAILROAD SAFETY TECHNOLOGY GRANTS