Federal Grant Money Aimed At Reducing Your Debt – Finally Become Debt Free By Applying Today

Federal Grant Money Aimed At Reducing Your Debt – Finally Become Debt Free By Applying Today

There are a plethora of online businesses offering Americans information about government grants aimed at reducing individual debt.  These companies look to profit off of the natural desperation felt by those who are in arrears by providing, for a fee, information that any individual can find out for free on government web sites.  Two web sites (the Government Grants web site and the Catalog for Domestic Assistance website) listing government grants and assistance are accessible to all and easily searchable.

A basic search will reveal that the government doesn’t actually pay off personal debt with grants.  It, instead, offers funding that will stimulate the economy or temporarily relieve financial destitution through assistance programs.  For instance, there are many grants designed to deal with business and education expenses.  Other grants are awarded to the states to fund domestic assistance programs (i.e. the Home Energy Assistance Program that helps people who are behind on their energy bills).

Individuals and families laboring under medical bills not covered by insurance can find financial assistance through grant programs administered by family services, health departments, and hospitals.  Those facing foreclosure or eviction can benefit from the grant funded efforts of the Department of Housing.  This department offers programs that deal with mortgages/foreclosures in response to the housing crisis.  It also offers back rent assistance.

If your debt is primarily composed of credit cards and unsecured loans, then there aren’t any cash awards available.  Instead, grants aimed at personal debt are given to non-profit credit consultations organizations for the purpose of assisting Americans with budgeting and debt management.  The primary goal is to prevent the number of individual bankruptcies in the nation.

Financially challenged Americans need to understand that it is rare for the government to just hand out cash to the average citizen.  The only time this even remotely happens is when tax rebate checks are issued.  Your best options are to research government programs on your own and to use a little ingenuity.

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