Christine O’Donnell’s Greatest Hits (so far)

Christine O’Donnell says; Scientists are creating human-animal hybrids and have already successfully given a mouse a human brain. She wouldn’t lie to Hitler if he were at her door and she were hiding Jews in her attic during World War 2. She used to dabble in witchcraft and one of her first dates was on a satanic altar. Masturbation is adultery, even if you’re single. Too much Government funding goes to AIDS. She wants to get back to the homeland of her security. Gays are trying to change our language and that makes them just like Hitler. She won in 2 our of 3 counties when she ran against Joe Biden in 2008, and lost. Karl Rove’s accusations of her are “unFactual”. If you want to help us improve the quality and content of our videos please visit our website and make a donation;
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