Federal Grant Money Available to Those Who Need to Pay off Debt Now – Applications Available Online

Federal Grant Money Available to Those Who Need to Pay off Debt Now – Applications Available Online

Discretionary assistance, or domestic assistance, are funding programs commonly known as government grants. Every year, the government sets aside money to fund these assistance programs in an effort to stimulate the economy. Everyone has been, or will have been, on the receiving end of one of these grants (i.e. road projects, financial aid for college, public service programs, etc.).

Public assistance is a grant program awarded to the states. While Social Security is a domestic program, it differs from the grant programs because its funds are automatically distributed to those who qualify. Grant programs are financial programs that require a formal application.

But, can discretionary assistance provide debt relief?

Grant money is usually awarded to non-profit organizations, government institutions, states, and cities to provide programs to the general public. So, grants aimed at reducing personal debt are given to credit consultation organizations who in turn provide budgeting and debt management assistance.

The federal government grants money to the Department of Housing and to the individual states who in turn provide financial options to people at risk of losing their homes. Unpaid medical bills are covered by grant money sent to family services, health departments, and hospitals. There is even grant money awarded to the states to help people pay their heating bills in the winter.

There are some grants that are awarded directly to individuals for the purpose of spawning small businesses or providing tuition money for college. The possibilities are vast. Simply checking out the website for government grants and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, you will discover a plethora of options in alleviating debt.

Just remember, the availability of discretionary assistance changes often based upon government priorities. Check back regularly.
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