Guangzhou is Stepping up Research Rule Blocking Program wills soon Seek Public Opinion

Guangzhou is Stepping up Research Rule Blocking Program wills soon Seek Public Opinion

Guangzhou is Stepping up Research “Rule Blocking Program” wills soon Seek Public Opinion

Was friends known as “blocking the history of the most severe governance program,” the Beijing government blocked the formal introduction of the New Deal, the limit line, limited license, limited to foreign cars, to raise parking fees “combined” a rule blocking the bright spot (see newspaper yesterday a5 Edition .) After the Asian Games in Guangzhou is also facing age rule blocking traffic problems, the future governance of the program will learn from Beijing blocking program? December 24 evening, Guangzhou Shi Jiaowei Director Xian Weixiong replies: “We are speeding up the research program will listen to opinions from all sides.”

Sound: outside the limit line should be limited to supporting the implementation of licensing restrictions

Beijing proposed scheme, when the bad weather, major events, major festivals, which may lead to serious traffic congestion situation, ready to take motor vehicles during peak hours of traffic jams road traffic measures to odd and even numbers. The director of Xian Weixiong Guangzhou Shi Jiaowei also recently revealed that the peak of Guangzhou will explore the implementation of odd-even rule trunk line measures.

Long-term concern of Guangzhou urban traffic problem has been that the CPPCC members Hanzhi Peng and Guangzhou to the limit line, but also should be limited to licensing. Beijing ?? he highly affirmed the practice of licensing, that Guangzhou should learn.

Guangzhou Asian Games, Asian Paralympic line during the implementation of the odd-even rule, but the surge year on year the number of new cars on the card. Transport industry has also said that the implementation of measures to limit short-term there will be effects, but can cause long-term increase in car ownership, only one side of the limit line side of the card limit is the governance of the road. However, if the open-field optical limit car license can cause a lot of local people to the field on the plate and then travel back to Guangzhou city center. “Three limitations” while supporting the implementation of appropriate.

Xian Weixiong previously disclosed, Guangzhou will develop public transport, improve the road network structure, optimize the signal configuration, often Dulu and other measures to implement one-way street, there is no reference to licensing restrictions. Traffic Management Bureau in Guangdong Province also say, Guangdong temporary unlimited licensing scheme.

Sound: Guangzhou can learn to adjust parking fees

Another highlight of the program to adjust Beijing parking charges, non-residential parking prices have come down, while the charging time from 15 minutes to half an hour to improve the utilization of parking spaces. The idea of this approach is through economic means, to increase the cost of car travel, guide people to take public transport.

This view has been recognized as the industry of Guangzhou traffic. A traffic official said could consider raising the downtown area of Guangzhou traffic-intensive areas of parking fees, due to lower public transportation transfer point parking fee.

Exchange Commission: Research governance is blocking the program in Guangzhou

Guangzhou Asian Games after the Beijing government blocked the program will make reference to the practice? Xian Weixiong said that the program is currently being studied, will then listen to opinions from all sides.

At present, Guangzhou Shi Jiaowei led the development of a “central city of Guangzhou Asian Games traffic organization after the program (2011-2013)” and “the gradual resolution of key trunk roads and urban entrance jam sessions work program”, implemented in 2011. Under the program, the next 3 years, Guangzhou will strive to achieve the central city roads speed of not less than 25 km / h, and actively guide the transfer of individual transport to public transport, the basic formation of the internal separation of traffic and transit traffic, commuting distance and travel time reduced traffic pattern. It is reported that after the complete optimized new program will soon be submitted to the government consideration, to the public to seek public comments.

New program:

The next 3 years, Guangzhou will strive to achieve the central city roads speed of not less than 25 km / h

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