Obama Urges American Women To Study For Higher Degrees And Take $10,000 From Government Funds!

Obama Urges American Women To Study For Higher Degrees And Take ,000 From Government Funds!

America’s women are called upon to get themselves educated, and their President is willing to foot the bill. Recently, concerned commentators in the United States of America observed that despite changes in the country’s social and political life over the past decade, there has been no substantial improvement in women’s lives, and opportunities to put an end to poverty. The reason, they claimed, is because American women’s political and economic power are not being sufficiently cultivated and supported. President Obama’s new White House Council on Women and Girls is set to pursue an agenda that is aimed precisely at developing and increasing the nation’s women’s economic and political power. It is for this reason that the President is taking the higher education of the nation’s women seriously. To show that he means business, President Obama has, in a very concrete manner, charged his administration to make available generous federal grant funds to America’s women in the form of scholarships up to ,000. He thereby wishes to entice all of America’s women above age 18 back to school to study towards a higher degree. Thus, by equipping themselves with a higher degree of their choice, women are better able to increase and strengthen their economic and political presence in American society. To apply for these grants is easy. It’s matter of going online and filling out an application. The choice of career and institution is up to the person who applies. Degrees can also be pursued full-or part-time, as well as online. So whether you are working, unemployed, married or single, and with or without children, now is a great time to be a woman in America. Go ahead, apply and get yourself educated. It’s virtually for free!

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This week marked the 37th annual march for life. Tens of thousands of pro-life Americans came to the nations capitol to take a stand for the unborn. There was a recurring theme among the signs and speeches stop the attack on the unborn and end government funding of those like Planned Parenthood who are leading the attack. Planned Parenthood has been appealing for more government funding saying the poor economy increases the demand for their services. Earlier this week as I stood outside their massive new abortion clinic in Houston, Texas, I had a hard time envisioning an impoverished Planned Parenthood. Second only in size to their clinic in China, the six-story facility looks more like a huge cash register than a medical clinic, this is appropriate since they rake in over 350 million dollars of taxpayer money each year. With a budget of just over one billion dollars, Planned Parenthood has become very adept at raising money, not just from the government but from the public as well. As rescue workers continue to care for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake — Planned Parenthoods international arm is busy raising money to create more victims. At the same time Americans were donating over 300 million dollars to rescue and aid children and their families in Haiti, the International Planned Parenthood Federation launched a fund-raising appeal seeking funds for their family planning clinics. They certainly know their business and know opportunity when they see it. In the
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