Free Government Money- Part 1

Free Government Money- Part 1

Our Government makes hundreds of different federal programs available to distribute billions of dollars to us in the form of government grants, low interest loans, and subsidies. The money is then appropriated by politicians who are smart enough to know that the best way to keep their jobs is by funneling Government money into the communities they serve. That’s where we can step up and reclaim our money by using the government programs this money is attached to.

It’s Our Money Anyway

I say reclaim because it’s our money in the first place. The Government takes the money from us in the form of taxes, then gives it back to us in the form of government grants, low interest loans, and subsidies. Here’s the kicker… The Government only gives the money back to the people who learn how to get it. You have to learn how to ask for it! If you can follow instructions on an application, the chances are pretty good that you can get a grant for something.

Free Money for Almost Anything

Do you have an idea for a business? Would you like to invent something? Do you need help with living expenses? Want to change your career? Want to buy or fix up real estate? There is Government, Corporate or Foundation money that can help.

There is free government money for just about anything. How about ,000 to tag Grizzly Bears. Not that daring? How about ,000 to study fish. Or ,000 to become a French Chef. Or over 8,000 to rehab an apartment building. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. There are far greater stories.

Uncle Sam Can Be Your Very Generous Partner!

You have to see the bigger picture. To us real estate investors, Uncle Sam is our best friend and a great financial supporter. If you’re a beginning investor, Uncle Sam’s going to help you by guaranteeing that you get a decent loan to buy your first house or apartment building. There are many first time homebuyer programs that were created for that purpose.

If you’re having trouble coming up with enough money for a down payment, he makes it possible for you to buy with a 3% down payment (FHA), or a 0% down payment (VA). Then he makes the IRS give us a lot of tax breaks because we now own property. He even helps people in areas where people have trouble paying their rent under the Section 8 Subsidy Program. Our partner, the American Government encourages us to keep America strong by using these government programs. When you learn how to use these programs, the financial rewards can be substantial.

Just ask Alice George from Baltimore, Maryland. Alice applied for a Community Development Block Loan to repair her house. She received over ,000 to make her repairs and was done with it all in 4 months.
Alice was happy that her rehab went well, but she had another big reason to be thrilled beyond belief. She qualified to have her Community Development Block Loan converted into a Grant! Free money from the government.

Stay tuned. In the upcoming “Part 2”, I’ll discuss ways to get the Government to help you make money.

Government Funding

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