What government programs should we get rid of?

Question by Marshall: What government programs should we get rid of?
Michigan’s economy is screwed and if no budget is passed within a few days, its shutting down so what government programs should we eliminate to help the state save money? Shouldnt our taxes be going towards roads, parks, government employees and not these lowlifes who are to lazy to get a job? I have a problem when my taxes are being spend on some loser who wants to sit on his porch all day and drink a 40 ounce and I’m the one working and being taxed and not getting any handouts from the government. We need to get rid of the welfare system because it just lets the lazy americans to continue to be lazy.

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Answer by Sherilynne B
One program that probably doesn’t spend alot of money but really irritates me is DARE. Students who have seen the program are MORE likely to use drugs than those who didn’t attend. We are paying cops to teach kids to use drugs! Stop it!

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