Government Grant Program

Government Grant Program

In your search for the government grant program that suits your idea and you are eligible for you will come across thousands of government grant programs in all possible fields. It ranges from programs for communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, women, students, inventors, scientists, artists, musicians, to name a few.

Trying to get money through a conventional bank can be time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork, solid security and still you are running the risk to be denied.

Most grant programs are funded by the government. The following three government grant groupings represent some of the main types government grant programs provided by the US Department of Health and Housing:

Research Grants

The NIH Research Project Grant Program is used to support discrete, specified, restricted research projects. This is a very popular government grant program and is widely used. It is generally awarded for a period of 3 to 5 years. NIH Small Grant Program provides funding for a short period of time. Funds are mainly utilized to support pilot or feasibility studies, collection of preliminary data, secondary analysis of existing data, small, self-contained research projects, development of new research technology, etc. This government grant program is limited to a period of 2 years’ funding Limited to two years of funding and is not renewable. Another not so well know government grant program is the NIH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings program. This program provides government grant support to present high quality conferences or scientific meetings that serves the objectives of the NIH’s scientific mission and addresses public health issues. Only US institutions are allowed to apply for a government grant from this program. Amounts differ from project to project and the limits for the grants are individually set. Support for up to 5 years may be awarded.

Program Project/Center Grants

These are the most frequently used programs.  These government grant programs consist out of large, multi-project endeavours that include a various collection of research activities.  This is one of the few government grant programs that invite organisations or advertise funding opportunities in order to signify their interest in funding the related programs.

The Research Program Project Grant is one of the best known government grant programs because of the support it provide for multi-project research projects which involves several independent investigators who are able to share their knowledge and general resources. Each of the projects funded by this government program contributes or is directly involved to the general subject matter of the entire research effort. This way a structure of research activities and projects are focussed in the direction of a well-defined research program that is goal specific.

Resource Grants

Resource grants represent the more frequently used types of government grant programs that provide research-related support or access to resources.

Education Projects Programs are used in a large assortment of ways to support and appreciate the interest in biomedical research. Additional training in specialised areas is provided. This government grant program is also used to develop ways to spread and make scientific discoveries know to public health and community applications.
Government Funding

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