Federal Government Grant Money Can Help You Get Out Of Debt – Apply For Free Grants Today

Federal Government Grant Money Can Help You Get Out Of Debt – Apply For Free Grants Today

Every year the federal government sets aside billions of dollars to be distributed as government grants.  Most of these grants are given to non-profit organizations and government institutions for the purpose of creating public programs aimed at helping citizens or encouraging specific activities.  Those wishing to benefit from government grants need to know where the money is going and follow it.

The search begins with the government grants web site and the Catalog for Domestic Assistance web site.  These two web sites will give you an idea of what type of grant funding is available.  To discover what programs these grants fund you will need to visit the web site of government benefits.  This website has a lengthy questionnaire that links the applicant with assistance programs.

These programs funded by government grants are widely available.  Credit counseling organizations are funded by grants to assist families and individuals with budgeting and debt management.  The Department of Housing provides mortgage/foreclosure assistance to those at risk of losing their homes (and they offer back rent assistance too).

For the 60% of Americans who are facing bankruptcy because of mounting medical bills not covered by insurance, the government grants money to family services, health departments, and hospitals to ease these burdens.  People who are behind on their energy bills or just can’t pay for heat through the winter months can get help through a grant funded program called Home Energy Assistance Program.

While government grants won’t magically erase your personal debt, using these grant funded assistance programs will go a long way in helping you alleviate the burdens of mounting debt.

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