Beyond The Borders Of Space And Time

Beyond The Borders Of Space And Time

(PRWEB UK) 11 December 2011

A key aspect of new physics theory is the Z-Process, which has never been researched or described theoretically from a scientific point of view. “Z-Theory and Its Applications” by Allan Zade (ISBN-13: 978-1452018935) makes up for the deficiency of knowledge in that area.

Z-Process is able to demonstrate some unusual consequences. Among of them can be sudden appearance and disappearance of moving vessels; difference in the readings of their onboard watches affected by Z-Process and other “unexplainable” observations. The same process is responsible for unusual object appearances outside their natural location in space and time.

Unlike any earlier attempts to create explanations for such unusual observable facts, Z-Theory gives necessary equations and calculations as well as detailed explanations for many described facts. Most of them are mentioned in the second part of the book, which is called Applications. It is a clear compilation of a wide area of facts and ideas mentioned at different times and their relationship to the underlying Z-Theory. Those items vary, from the appearance of prehistoric creatures to the beginning of life on this planet.

“Z-Theory and Its Applications ” is available for sale at Amazon and other through channels.

About the Author

Allan Zade graduated with honours in 1997. During his years of education he twice received a special government grant because of his exceptional skill in the area of education and research. Mr. Zade then spent six years as a Chief Research Assistant in a subdivision of the Russian Academy of Science. Today he works with a private company.

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