Matthew Lesko Verifies Government Grant Programs

Internet users view advertisements every time they use a computer. Unfortunately, these displays can be less than truthful. As an example, there are websites out there that attempt to sell the public information on how to obtain government grants. It is an unfortunate truth there are certain business people that take advantage of people in need. Some sites will present information as being very private, when in fact the same knowledge can be found at no cost at all elsewhere. Fortunately, one man has gained name recognition and a solid reputation of not taking advantage of people. This man, a consumer advocate, is Matthew Lesko.

Living expenses can be a burden. Grants are available to help ease those burdens. No matter what an individual or family earns there are government funds available. Over fifty percent of grants do not attach any income limits. Furthermore, under fifteen percent of available programs are geared toward low-income earners. Tips such as these cannot be found on every website presenting grant information.

The word “grant” is used here as this is the word that is normally associated with free money. However, contrary to popular belief, eighty percent of the funds awarded by the government go by other names. Therefore, it is more beneficial to ask for financial assistance programs, direct payments, and loans that do not need to be repaid. Many grant oriented websites do not tell consumers this information.

The populace at large has been convinced that in order to obtain a grant, it is necessary to obtain the assistance of a grant writer. This does not have to be the case. While some grants may mandate pages of descriptions and goals, the majority do not. The majority of such applications do not require pages upon pages of writing. For the most part, checking off applicable scenarios and filling-in-the-blank type forms are all that is needed. This is especially true for funding that is called by names other than “grant”.

Time and effort is required to obtain many things in life; free money is no different. Having a clear intention in mind, coupled with focus, will keep the process moving a long at a good pace. It is important to keep concentrating on the desired outcome throughout all distractions that may arise in other areas of life.

People of all walks of life are qualified to get assistance in areas such as meeting daily living expenses, starting a business, and completing home repairs. There really is a lot available when the right doors are opened. Thankfully, the above-named consumer advocate has made it possible for the everyday person to have those doors opened.

Government funded grants can be very beneficial in many cases. Awards have the potential of changing lives for the better. Knowing where to look is step one; thankfully there is a source that provides concrete answers every step of the way.

This source is made possible by Matthew Lesko, a recognized consumer advocate. Valid information is made available for the taking; it is up to the individual grant seeker to act upon it. Serious folks have the opportunity to have questions answered by a real person on the telephone if they wish to call the number that rings through to this consumer advocate.

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