Federal Government Grants Aimed at Helping You Pay off Personal and Unsecured Debt

Federal Government Grants Aimed at Helping You Pay off Personal and Unsecured Debt

The Federal Government of United States of America provides grants to the deserving US Citizens at the state and corporate levels. These are given by the government, semi government or approved private or voluntary agencies through out United States in the form of housing assistance, business grants and loans, education grants, agricultural grants, grants for disabled, grants for women and many more. Any individual who is a US citizen and above 18 years of age are eligible to apply for a grant provided he or she is qualified to get the grant from the government. In exceptional cases other citizens like tribal minorities, war refugees and victims are also eligible for certain type grants. Below are the two types of housing grants available for the eligible citizens.

1. Home Buyer Grant:-

This grant is given in the form of down payment assistance. In this type of grant, the individual has to apply for a government backed mortgage programme prevailing in his state. In case of his unemployment or incapacity to work or other financial burden, the mortgage repayment is guaranteed by the government on behalf of the borrower. The down payment assistance will vary depending upon the state and will be in the form of,

A fixed non refundable amount of 00 or 410,000 or

A small fixed percentage of the total house cost or

A deferred payment with no interest.

2. Home Renovation Grant:-

An individual has to apply for a state assisted home repair/renovation loan programme. The grant will be combined in the loan in which a certain portion of the interest is paid by the government or the grant as such is waived off. There are states which provide zero interest loans to renovation and repair and in some states a part of the total cost is given as non refundable grant. Some other states provide total non refundable grant to the housing repair and renovation and in other states such an aid is not available to the citizens.
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